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    Sustainability Reports

    Every year, Triunfo publishes sustainability reports according to the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), an international organization that is the benchmark in the corporate world in reporting on sustainability performance indicators. This methodology enables comparison of Triunfo’s results with those of companies of different sizes and from diverse sectors, which gives greater transparency to the reporting process.

    Its objective is to inform the Company’s stakeholders of the progress made and challenges faced in the previous year.

    2018 Sustainability Report

    2017 Sustainability Report

    2016 Sustainability Report

    2015 Sustainability Report

    2014 Sustainability Report

    2013 Sustainability Report

    2012 Sustainability Report

    Sustainability Policy

    Applicability: Triunfo Participações e Investimentos and the business units of Triunfo or its companies.
    Sustainability is a fundamental component of the business strategy of Triunfo Participações e Investimentos. As a provider of infrastructure solutions, the Company undertakes to conduct every interaction with the environment and society in a responsible manner, seeking to mitigate any negative impact resulting from its operations and effectively contribute to sustainable development. To ensure the fulfillment of this commitment, this Policy establishes the following guidelines.

    Ethics and integrity

    An integral part of every action developed by Triunfo, ethics and integrity are primarily reflected in the relationships it maintains with its various stakeholders. Triunfo’s Code of Conduct guides all business activities and orients the adoption of practices and procedures to combat corruption, conflicts of interest, abuses of power and discrimination, among other aspects. Legal compliance in all of the activities performed by Triunfo is also a prerequisite of its ethical conduct.

    User and client satisfaction

    Providing excellent services is a commitment undertaken by all Triunfo companies. Respect for users and clients, characterized by prioritizing their needs, is essential to the construction of fruitful and lasting relationships with them. The Company is also committed to continuously improving processes to ensure the quality and reliability of its services.


    The Company provides a business environment and culture that inspire innovative and effective solutions to guarantee the excellence of all services rendered to users. To this end, it encourages its professionals and suppliers to share in the challenges and opportunities and find creative ways to overcome them.

    Valuing professionals

    Triunfo believes that offering service excellence depends on the qualification, performance and safety of its professionals. Towards this end, the Company prioritizes the development of competencies in its professionals and providing them with a healthy and safe workplace. It also seeks to forge relationships with its professionals based on transparency and cooperation and respect for human rights and diversity.

    Environmental conservation

    Respect for the environment is one of Triunfo’s values and permeates its activities in all industries and regions in which it operates. In addition to complying with all environmental regulations, the Company seeks innovative solutions to reduce the negative impacts of its activities. For this, it prioritizes the rational use of natural resources, reducing emissions and constantly monitoring indicators that enable it to diagnose its environmental performance and in turn take preventive and corrective actions.

    Community engagement

    Triunfo remains willing to establish transparent and ethical relationships with local communities through open dialogue and involvement in initiatives to benefit local populations. As a private-sector entity, Triunfo seeks to operate on a coordinated basis with government authorities and the community to foster improvements in quality of life in the regions where it operates.

    Responsible management

    Aware that the perpetuity of its business depends fundamentally on the quality of its management and respecting the interests of its stakeholders, Triunfo dedicates special attention to aspects related to good practices of corporate governance and undertakes to create value for all of its stakeholders. As such, it incorporates sustainability into its business management processes, adequately keeps its stakeholders informed of matters material to their decision-making and systematically assesses the economic, environmental and social risks of its operations. With the goal of becoming a reference in the industries where it operates, Triunfo seeks to disseminate the principles of sustainable development while sharing knowledge and good practices with all of its stakeholders.

    This policy was prepared by the Triunfo Sustainability Committee and approved by the company’s board of directors on October 15, 2014.
    For more information, contact the Communication and Sustainability Department of Triunfo by e-mail comunicacao@triunfo.com or by telephone (11) 21633968.