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    Board of Directors

    Triunfo’s Board of Directors is the Company’s decision-making body responsible for establishing its policies and general business guidelines, including its long-term strategy and the Company’s performance control and supervision. Among other things, the Board of Directors is also responsible for supervising its Executive Officers.

    According to the Rules of the Novo Mercado and the Company’s Bylaws, the Board of Directors is composed of at least 20% independent members. Board members have a unified two-year term of office and may be reelected. The installation of members of the Board of Directors is conditional on the signing of the Management Term of Commitment set forth in the Novo Mercado Regulations.

    Triunfo’s Board of Directors meets four times per year and whenever otherwise necessary, with meetings called by the Board’s Chairman, by the majority of the members or by the Chief Executive Officer, with prior written notice of at least eight days and a list of matters to be discussed. In case of urgency, the Board meeting may be called on shorter notice by the Chairman, as long as all the members are aware of said decision. The Board of Directors meeting may only be held with the presence of the majority of its members and any decision should be taken by the majority of the directors present.

    The Shareholders’ Meeting will decide, by vote of the absolute majority, excluding blank votes, prior to the election, on the number of member positions held by members of our Board of Directors to be allocated in each fiscal year, observing the minimum requirement of five members. Brazilian Corporation Law and CVM Rule 282, of January 26, 1998, allow the adoption of a multiple vote process, upon the request of shareholders representing at least 5% of Triunfo’s voting capital.

    In addition, according to Brazilian Corporation Law, shareholders that jointly hold at least 15% of a company’s voting capital for at least three months are entitled to appoint a member and his/her alternate in separate vote.


    Board Members Position Election Date End of Office
    Antônio José Monteiro da Fonseca de Queiroz Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    Born July 14, 1957, Antonio Queiroz graduated in Business Administration from Faculdades Integradas de Marilia in São Paulo. He was a member of the Board of Executive Officers and Board of Directors of CONSTRUTORA TRIUNFO S/A from 1981 to 2007. He also participated in the foundation and was a member of the Boards of Directors of CONCEPA, CONCER, ECONORTE, ELEJOR, PORTONAVE and RIO VERDE ENERGIA. Furthermore, he participated in the creation of TPI and coordinated the entire process to take the company public. He is a shareholder and Executive Officer of THP, controlling shareholder in TPI.
    Amin Alves Murad Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    Amin Alves Murad, born on March 6, 1960, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Úrsula University and an MBA in Financial Management from Citimaster, Citibank. In 1992, he pursued a program on Total Quality Control (TQC) at JUSE (Japan). In 2001, he underwent training on Press Relations at FSB and in 2002 he participated in the Predictive Index program at Arquitetura Humana. He served as a Control Manager at Corretora BBM and Administrative Manager at Banco BBM until 1989, and as CEO and Director of the following companies: Engepack Embalagens S.A., Pronor Petroquímica S.A., Nitrocarbono S.A. and only as Director at the following companies: Latapack Ball S.A., Norquisa, Policarbonatos do Brasil S.A. until 1999. From 1995 to 1998 he served as Executive Officer at the Petrochemical Industries Union of the State of Bahia. He also served as CEO of Grupo Lachmann from 2000 to 2004 and as Executive Officer at the National Union of Maritime Navigation Companies from 2001 to 2007. He is currently a Managing Partner at AAM Nova Consultoria e Participações Ltda, since 1999. From 2006 to 2010 he served as CEO of SuperVia Concessionária de Transporte Ferroviário S.A., and as Chief Operating Officer at Concessionária Porto Novo S.A. from 2010 to 2012. He served as Independent Director of CR2 Empreendimento Imobiliários S.A. from 2012 to 2015. He has been coordinating the Judicial Reorganization of companies in the GPC Group (GPC Participações, Apolo Tubos and GPC Química) since 2012, and the Judicial Reorganization of Oriente Construção Civil Ltda of the Oriente Group since 2015. He has been a Director at Apolo Tubulars and Companhia Petroquímica do Nordeste (Copenor) since 2012.
    João Villar Garcia Chairman April/2019 April/2021
    Serving Board Member. Shareholder in Construtora Triunfo since 1985. Has also acted as a director at C.R. Almeida S.A.
    Leonardo de Almeida Aguiar Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    Serving Board Member. Engineer at Construtora Triunfo since 1996. Participated in the duplication of the BR-38, between Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, and in the construction of the Volkswagen Truck Factory in Resende (RJ). Also participated in the reformation of Lapa and Franco da Rocha train stations, for the Paulista Metropolitan Trains Company (CPTM) in São Paulo and in the construction of the Itiquira hydroelectric plant in Mato Grosso. Currently holds the position of Commercial Manager at Construtora Triunfo for the regions of São Paulo and Brasília.
    Ricardo Stabille Piovezan Board Member April/2019 April/2019
    Serving Board Member. Since 1988 has worked in companies linked to Triunfo in the area of Finance and Management. Until early 2008, acted as Director of Investor Relations for Concepa.
    Daniel Navarro Delabio Independent Board Member April/2017 April/2021
    He is the founding partner and CIO of Exploritas, an asset manager. He has also worked in the U.S. fund Explorador Capital, where he started off as trader and analyst in 2005. In 2008, he worked in the U.S. hedge fund Dimaio Ahmad Capital LLC, where he was responsible for managing the stock portfolio for emerging markets. He later worked for Planner Asset Management in Brazil as Portfolio Manager before returning to Explorador Capital. Mr. Delabio graduated in business administration from FGV-Brasil. He is a Brazilian citizen and is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish and English.
    Marcelo Souza Monteiro Independent Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    (Portugues Only) Nascido em 03 de novembro de 1963, graduou-se em Economia pela Universidade Federal Fluminense em 1986, tendo obtido o título de mestre em economia pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro no ano de 1990. Atuou como professor entre 1988 e 1989 na Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro e entre 1992 e 1993 na Faculdade de Economia e Administração (FAE – PR). Foi gerente financeiro da Companhia Paranaense de Energia (COPEL) que tem por objeto a atuação nas áreas de geração, transmissão e distribuição de nergia elétrica, além de atuar na área de telecomunicações, entre 1990 e 1995. Atuou no Banco Pactual S.A. entre 1995 e 2007, onde ocupou os cargos de analista “sell side” do Setor Elétrico, gestor de portfólio de ações (Fundo América Latina e Fundo de Energia), gestor de portfólio de ações da “mesa proprietária” (Mercados Emergentes), associando-se ao referido banco no ano de 2001. Foi, entre 2007 e 2009, gestor do portfólio de ações (Mercados Emergentes) da Pactual Capital Partners – PCP/UBS. Ocupou o cargo de membro do Conselho Fiscal da Equatorial Energia S.A. e da Companhia Energética do Maranhão – Cemar que têm atua no setor elétrico, especificamente distribuição de energia elétrica, entre 2008 e 2010. Marcelo atuou como membro do Conselho de Administração da CESP, no período março 2012 a março de 2013 representando os acionistas minoritários e como Membro do Conselho de Administração da Taesa, no período março 2013/2014 representando os acionistas minoritários. Atualmente é membro do Conselho de Administração da Companhia.
    Roberto Solheid da Costa de Carvalho Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    (Portuguese Only) Nascido em 21 de julho de 1981, graduou-se como Economista pela Faculdade de Administração e Economia do Paraná. Cursou Engelharia Civil na UFPR sem concluir o curso. Entre 2007 e 2014, atuou como Gerente Administrativo na Construtora Triunfo S.A. nas áreas de transporte, compras, equipamentos e frota. De 2014 a 2018 atuou como Diretor Financeiro da Construtora Triunfo S.A.
    Gustavo de Pinho Gato Independent Board Member April/2019 April/2021
    (Portugues Only) Nascido em 09 de junho de 1984, graduou-se como Economista pela Faculdade de Campinas, possui mais de 10 anos de experiência no mercado financeiro, principalmente na área de gestão de ativos. Atualmente ele trabalha na Explorador Capital Management, LLC. Gustavo ainda possui experiência como consultor estratégico tendo trabalhado na McKinsey & Co e Monitor Group.

    Executive Officers

    Triunfo’s executive officers are primarily responsible for managing the Company’s day-to-day operations and all acts required and appropriate for executing the resolutions of the Board of Directors. The Executive Officers have individual responsibilities and are appointed by the Board of Directors for unified two-year terms, with reelection permitted.

    The installation of members of Triunfo’s Board of Executive Officers is conditional on the signing of the Management Term of Commitment set forth in the Novo MercadoRegulations.

    Executive Officers Position Election Date End of Term
    Carlo Alberto Bottarelli Chief Executive Officer May/2017 May/2019
    Born August 13, 1953, graduated from the Federal University of Paraná with a degree in civil engineering and received his MBA from the Business Development Center (CDE) at the Catholic University of Business and Economics (FCAE). As resident engineer at Ivaí Engenharia de Obras S.A., he oversaw all projects in the state of Paraná. Subsequently, he served as director of operations and development. He joined Triunfo Participações e Investimentos in 2003, acting in various capacities guiding the Company’s strategic and key decision-making processes. He served as chairman of the Board of Directors when the company went public, and, as director of new business development, he structured the financial feasibility of the Port of Navegantes. He was named director of investor relations just after the IPO close and remained in this position until 2009. Mr. Bottarelli has served as CEO of the company since 2005 and IRO since February, 2018. Mr. Bottarelli is a Board Member of the following affiliates/controlled companies: Aeroportos Brasil S.A., Aeroportos Brasil – Viracopos S.A., Concessionária da Rodovia Osório Porto Alegre – CONCEPA, Companhia de Concessão Rodoviária Juiz de Fora – RIO (CONCER), Empresa Concessionária de Rodovias do Norte S.A. – ECONORTE, Maestra Navageção e Logística S.A., NTL – Nevagação e Logística S.A., PORTONAVE S.A. – Terminais Portuários de Navegantes, Rio Canoas Energia S.A., Rio Verde Energia S.A., TNE – Triunfo Negócios de Energia S.A., Vessel – LOG Companhia Brasileira de Navegação e Logística and Concebra – Concessionária das Rodovias Centrais do Brasil S.A.
    Dorival Pagani Junior New Business Officer May/2019 May/2021
    Dorival Pagani Júnior, born in 1974, has a degree in civil engineering from the State University of Londrina, post-graduate qualifications in finance, accounting and controllership from INBRAPE and an MBA from the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV). Works in Triunfo since 1998 and joined TPI in 2007, where participated in the company’s IPO in 2007 as well as in the public bids for highway concessions. In 2008, was the CEO of Triunfo – Convale (Ayrton Senna and Carvalho Pinto toll roads public concession) and in 2009, the CEO of TACS – Triunfo Administradora e Corretora de Seguros. In 2011, worked in Triunfo as New Business Officer and led the structuring of the Viracopos Airport and of the BR-060/153/060 Toll Road (1.176,5 km) concessions. Since 2014, has been working in Triunfo Concebra as Director of Engineering of the BR-060/153/060 Toll Road concession, where structured the staff and management processes, and had negotiated contracts for construction of the road infrastructure. Since May, 2014 worked as TPI Director in a M&A Project to acquire Transbrasiliana concession. Since 2015 work as Triunfo Transbrasiliana CEO, and since 2017 also as CFO and IR Director. Since Aug, 2017 work only as Triunfo Transbrasiliana CEO again. Since June 01, 2018 work as Triunfo Business Development Director to develop Brites Terminal, a new port terminal at Santos, Brazil. He is not an administrative member of any other Triunfo’s subsidiary.
    Marcos Paulo Fernandes Pereira Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer May/2019 May/2021
    (Portuguese Only) Marcos Paulo Fernandes Pereira, nascido em 1979, é formado em Ciências Econômicas pela Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP). Com mais de 20 anos de experiência no mercado financeiro, trabalhou em grandes instituições como Socopa, HSBC, Fator e Votorantim como analista de valores mobiliários, e também em posições de destaque como analista chefe de diversos segmentos da economia, dentre eles: petróleo e petroquímico, imobiliário, shopping center, papel e celulose e biocombustíveis. Participou diretamente na colocação de diversos IPOs e follow-ons como OGX, MRV, Petrobras, PDG, Tecnisa, entre outros e juntou-se à Triunfo Participações e Investimentos em 2012, como gerente de relações com investidores. Em 2014, acumulou a função de gerente financeiro, atuando ativamente no relacionamento com analistas e investidores da companhia, bem como na emissão de dívidas tanto da Triunfo Participações quanto de suas investidas. Atua como Diretor Administrativo Financeiro e de Relações com Investidores da controlada Transbrasiliana Controlada de Rodovia S.A.

    Fiscal Council

    According to the Brazilian Corporation Law, the Fiscal Council is a corporate body independent from the Company’s Management and independent auditors. The main responsibility of the Fiscal Council is to supervise Management activities and analyze the Company‘s financial statements and report its findings to the shareholders.

    Triunfo’s Fiscal Council is a non-permanent body and may be installed in any fiscal year, according to the applicable law. The members of the Fiscal Council shall be elected at the Shareholders’ Meeting and shall be composed of three sitting members and three alternate members, shareholders or not, who are linked to specific sitting members, shareholders or not. Pursuant to the Brazilian Corporation Law, if the Fiscal Council is not permanent, it can be established at the Shareholders’ Meeting upon the request of shareholders holding at least 10% of common shares and its members shall remain in office until the first Annual Shareholders Meeting of the year following the election. The members of the Fiscal Council must sign, before assuming their position, a Term of Commitment of the Fiscal Council members, as required under the Novo Mercado regulations.

    In addition, minority shareholders holding at least 10% of Triunfo’s shares also have the right to separately elect one member of the Fiscal Council and his/her alternate. The Fiscal Council must not be comprised of members who are members of the Board of Directors, members of the Board of Executive Officers or employees of Triunfo or any of its subsidiaries or any company from the same group, as well as spouses or up to third-degree relatives of any member of the Company’s Board of Directors. Additionally, the Brazilian Corporation Law requires that the members of the Fiscal Council receive, as compensation, at least 10% of the average annual amount paid to the Executive Officers, not including benefits, representation costs and profit sharing.

    The Fiscal Council of Triunfo was installed at the Shareholders’ Meeting held on April 24, 2011.

    Fiscal Council Members Position Election Date End of Office
    Bruno Shigueyoshi Oshiro Member April/2019 April/2020
    Earned a degree in accounting with an emphasis in systems from FASP in 1991. He has 19 years of auditing experience in such top-tier companies as Trevisan Auditores Independentes and Nexia Villas Rodil Auditores Independentes. He has 3 years of experience in controllership (accounting and budgetary control), acquired in the Ultra Group companies. He has in-depth knowledge of the audit and accounting processes of industries, service providers, leasing companies, brokerages and insurers. He has strong knowledge of the aspects related to the fiscal and tax areas. Since January 1999, he has been Senior Manager at Nexia Villas Rodil Auditores Independentes, a Brazilian audit and consulting firm, with the following key responsibilities: (i) planning of audits, evaluating the risks and determining the extent and depth of the procedures to be executed to sustain the auditor’s report; (ii) coordination and supervision of teams for conducting audit work to provide the report on the financial statements. (iii) main areas of operation: publicly-held companies, industries, service providers, tertiary sector companies, among others (iv) participation in Shareholders’ Meetings to clear doubts relating to independent audit; (v) mapping of processes, appraisal of the internal controls and suggestions for improvement, if necessary; (vi) participation in special projects like fiscal improvements, adjustment of operational flows and better utilization in the management of resources; (vii) coordination of the team for audit work related to the acquisition/sale of shareholding interest (advisory) in projects administered by Banco Fator; (viii) following up on the company’s IPO with the CVM; (ix) coordination of the team for the audit work for privatization purposes: Banco do Estado de São Paulo – Banespa, subsidiaries and associate companies, and Companhia Paranaense de Energia Elétrica – Copel.
    Vanderlei Dominguez da Rosa Member April/2019 April/2020
    (Portuguese Only)
    Vanderlei Dominguez da Rosa, graduou-se como contador, na Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul. Atua como sócio-executivo da empresa HB Audit – Auditores Independentes S.S., desde janeiro de 1994, sendo que atua na firma desde dezembro de 1988, onde sua principal função é a de executar, revisar e supervisionar os trabalhos de auditoria independente e é responsável técnico perante a Comissão de Valores Mobiliários (CVM). Atualmente como Conselheiro Fiscal Titular das companhias: Triunfo Participações e Investimentos S.A., Odontoprev S.A. e Tegma Gestão Logística S.A., e como Conselheiro Fiscal Suplente da Idéiasnet S.A.e da Padtec S.A. Atuou como membro do conselheiro fiscal de outras companhias como por exemplo: Inepar S.A. Indústria e Construções, Brasil Ferrovias S.A., Ferrovias Bandeirantes S.A., Marisol S.A., Tupy S.A., Trafo Equipamentos Elétricos S.A. e Bematech S.A.
    Paulo Roberto Franceschi Member April/2019 April/2020
    Graduated in Economics from the FAE Business School and in Accounting from the Paraná Social Studies Foundation. He has been a partner of AUDICONTROL Auditoria e Controle since 1995. He is part of the fiscal council of the following companies: Bematech S.A., Equatorial Energia S.A., Redentor Energia S.A., and a closely-held company in the chemical segment. He worked in the economic council of the Archdiocese of Curitiba between 2005 and 2010. He was also on the Audit Committee advising the Board of Positivo Informática S.A., and has been on the Executive Board of an unlisted family-owned company for 10 years.
    Moacir Gibur Alternate Member April/2019 April/2020
    (Portuguese Only)
    Moacir Gibur, possui Bacharel em Ciências Contábeis pela Sociedade Educacional Tuiuti do Paraná, trabalhando desde 2001 como sócio da Audicontrol Auditoria e Controle tendo como responsabilidade a condução estratégia do negócio, responsabilidade técnica dos trabalhos em conjunto com os demais sócios, e a administração geral da empresa. O Sr. Moacir é ex membro de Conselho Fiscal, da empresa SIDERQUIMICA S.A. e foi suplente de conselho fiscal das empresas: Centrais Elétricas do Para S.A., Cia Energética do Maranhão S.A e Equatorial Energia S.A., do período de 2015 a 2016, tendo exercido a função de conselheiro efetivo num período de seis meses.
    Evandro Ferreira de Oliveira Alternate Member April/2019 April/2020
    Mr. Oliveira was born on August 19, 1982, graduated in Accounting Sciences from Universidade São Judas Tadeu and holds an MBA in Controllership from Centro Universitário Nove de Julho. He has been accounting-partner of Bertola e Associados Contabilidade since Feb. 2008, a medium-sized firm operating in the outsourcing market since 1996. There, he is responsible for the accounting and tax areas of medium and large-sized clients, in Brazil and abroad, operating in a variety of market segments.
    Giorgio Bampi Alternate Member April/2019 April/2020
    Holds a degree in accounting from Fundação de Estudos Sociais do Paraná (FESP). He is currently a partner in PROBAM- Consultoria Empresarial Ltda, which provides accounting and corporate advisory services for the civil construction area. Mr. Bampi is the senior partner responsible for conducting the business, for the technical works and for the company’s management. He worked for 24 years at Telecomunicações do Paraná S/A- Telepar, acting in several positions, from managing the accounting department to becoming the Chief Financial and Market Relations Officer from August 1995 to December 19999, and cumulatively from August 1998 to March 1999 as the Company’s CEO. Mr. Bampi was also the Chief Financial Officer of Telecomunicações de Santa Catarina S/A from 1998 to 1999 (cumulatively). From May 1998 to December 1999, he acted as Supporting and Market Relations Officer of Telecentrosul Participações S/A. He was member of the Board of Directors of Fundação Telepar from 1995 to 1999 and member of the Fiscal Council of Companhia Telefônica de Paranaguá- Cotelpa for three years.


    The Company has an extensive reviewing process on the matrix of risks and opportunities of its business. Led by the Board of Executive Officers, under the supervision of the Board of Directors, it follows a new management flow, which requires the related companies to periodically report on the matter to the Company’s Board of Directors. The Company’s governance structure also includes the following non-statutory committees:

    • Sustainability Committee, attached to the Board of Directors, with a regiment that was last approved at the Board of Directors Meeting held on May 8, 2019, with the goal of stimulating and creating mechanisms to integrate sustainability into Triunfo’s organizational culture, through planning and proposing actions in the economic, environmental and social dimensions, based on the best practices of corporate governance.
    • Integrity Committee, whose regiment was approved by its members on December 10, 2015, with the attributions of promoting and monitoring the execution of Triunfo’s Integrity Program, as well as deliberating on situations of noncompliance with the internal regulations of subsidiaries, such as Code of Conduct and Anti-Corruption Policy.